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Star Cinema's "A Second Chance", a life story that is bound to forever…and ever

A movie filled with love, pain, suffering, joy, regret and of course, second chances. This indeed brought back “One More Chance” but with more maturity coming from the iconic couple. A film that will make each heart cry, melt, forgive, hope, smile and believe. It starts with a thesis that talks about marriage to a real life story that is bound to forever…and ever.

 “ Forever and ever” is what began a movie that hit all the hearts of people who are in love, broken hearted, and those who are hoping for love again.

As a fan of the love team, I could not help myself but watch “One more chance” more than once. To find out that this chance had another one made me feel all giddy yet again. From the heated conversation trailer to another, people have anticipated this longer than we think. It has been 8 years and all of sudden, A Second Chance came out.

I must admit that I was shocked upon seeing the rumors, which turned into a real trailer then to having an official poster. All of it happening in one month made me feel that they must have rushed it or having that adrenaline rush for everyone to look forward to.

The premier night came and my heart was pounding like a mad man ( Cue in John Lloyd with Derek Ramsey scene from One More Chance) and I could not wait a minute longer. People rushing, hearts beating, fans await the phenomenal love team to walk down that red carpet. As they came, the whole Megamall jumped and shouted like they literally had given another chance. After that, we then entered the cinema.

A Second Chance was a rollercoaster ride of emotions between a married couple, Popoy and Basha. It all started out the night before the wedding. Popoy calling on Basha to meet which everyone knows that it is bad luck. As they met, Popoy decided to marry her right then and there with no wedding jitters or whatsoever. My smile literally went up to my hairline as they gaze into each others eyes. How I wish I wash Basha holding hands with Popoy by the altar. *kilig*

The movie then moved on with the wedding and the real life after the fairy tale. From “I-cannot-keep-my-hands-off-you” moments to the real world they had to face. Being an architect and an engineer is no easy job especially when you are a start up business which Popoy and Basha was able to pursue. Gonzales+Gonzales aimed for buildings they build from the ground. One client after the other, they started climbing up the ladder. Popoy became addicted to work as he wanted the perfect life for his perfect Basha.

Little did he know that his work is slowly tearing them apart. From working 24/7 to Basha staying at home to cure a miscarriage due to overwork, this led them to a rough road in their marriage. Heated conversations to misunderstandings, fights were written all over their house that it even led them to wondering why they even got married. Basha held on tight as she did not want to let go.

Nearly 7 years down the line, they were both interviewed and asked how married life was. All they could give was a blank stare and a one word answer. From then on, they felt that it was going to end. From Popoy to not admitting that they owe nearly 80 million pesos to clients due to unfinished business and stealing within the company all the way to his marriage life, it led him to depression.

Tears ran down my eyes thinking that this is going to end like a sad puppy without any home but suddenly, when an offer of going to London came in, the tables have turned. Popoy agreed to moving with his “affair” that he met in Dubai. Basha was troubled and did not know what to do. Popoy leaving will not fix the situation at all.

As another couple in their group was about to get married, Basha went to the rehearsals alone in the same church where they got married. Scenes of Popoy driving to the airport and Basha reminiscing on their marriage led to a decision that both of them had to do.  Basha could not let go of Popoy and so did he. When Basha led to the idea of calling him and telling him not to leave, her phone rang and it was Popoy. As she answered, Popoy was slowly walking towards her. Basha turned and suddenly, it was faith. The Second Chance came to life. The marriage was not yet over.

After 7 years of marriage, Popoy and Basha are now a team… for the win!

PS… masaya na pala ang traffic ngayon. Promise!

PATRICIA INFANTE: Ning4u representative in the movie's premiere night happen at SM Cinema :)

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